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WOW OneCoin Loses Last Bank Account


We have all been following OneCoin with all the growth and steam we have seen over the past year in the cryptocurrency company. So what’s up with all the talk about losing bank accounts which could be a major problem for this fairly new company.

Lets take a closer look at the latest MLM news that has been buzzing in the MLM community!

It’s a fact they are “unable to use their company name OneCoin” and opening bank accounts with shell company accounts. This is just crazy as most MLM seasoned vet would agree.

We have all see it with other scam companies that don’t really have a product or real service. This has been fairly common with OneCoin and other crypto companies.

For every bank account that OneCoin opens up they are being shut down almost as fast if not a bit faster at this point in time. Reason being they set off fraud alerts and the banks have to shut it down. Just remember this.  When a company can’t accept money or send money in the form of commissions is the biggest reason why companies go down and out of business.

Here is a recent webinar from a OneCoin affiliate. We want to note that we don’t promote OneCoin in any way. This is generic information and relatively new information on OneCoin and what’s going on.

OneCoin has been relying on their “Tanzania” account Africa because in October and November all their accounts have lasted only DAYS after opening.

After watching OneCoin’s roller coaster of a ride they were not happy when the Bank Of Africa finally took action and SHUT THEM DOWN as well. As it stand OneCoin cannot accept any wire transfers or sign up new affiliates.

Of course the company OneCoin is denying all and saying it is completely ridiculous that they can’t open up accounts or accept affiliates. But we have heard different. The only way an affiliate can invest in OneCoin is to send money to the affiliate they are talking to and trying to recruit them.

So what’s happening as of a few days ago OneCoin affilaites can only buy OneLife products in the form of coupons. These are the OneCoin gift codes. They can continue using them to shop for cash accounts and other OneCoin accounts as they try to sort these things out.

Now we are hearing about Steinkeller promising affiliates they will receive good news within the next few days.  Well a few days are here and all affiliates are waiting to hear what’s going on.

OneCoin CEO Pablo Munoz has been MIA since coming into the company only last month. Affiliates have been waiting to hear with nothing yet.

Stay tuned to hear more about this OneCoin bank crisis that may be the downfall of this fast growing company that many call a scam!