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Onecoin – 18 Arrested in India and Remain In Custody


Just recently 18 OneCoin affiliate were arrested at a local Mumbai OneCoin conference. There has been a lot going on with this company recently so we wanted to make note of it.

From what we can understand the local OneCoin affiliates were reprehended and arrested for questioning. Many of the local India authority are referring to the OneCoin affiliates as scammers that are stealing money from local Indian people.

Dileep Sawant who seems to be in charge of the local Mumbai Police department told local newspapers they have these affiliates in custody and indeed are questioning the so called scammers.

Mumbai India have put together a 14 man team that is digging into this matter. They want to find out if OneCoin is indeed a scam or a legit business opportunity. It is a huge business in India and has been there from the very get go.

So far officials are saying it has failed to adhere to India law the way OneCoin affiliates have been promoting the business opportunity.

Thousands of Indian OneCoin affiliates have been left in the dark as the local officials dig into this matter. Many have their money invested as the affiliates took money and they were told they would set up their accounts.

From what we can see the OneCoin affiliates took the local Indian’s money and cashed out their own private accounts. From what we know this is Illegal in India as in many countries.

From what we were told India is one of the largest traffic sources for the OneCoin websites. So locals thought it was time to be more proactive before the affiliates get out of hand and people lose money.

This isn’t the only story circulating the internet. Unfortunately the company is having problems across the globe. We will be reporting  back as we learn more!